Superintendent Career Training - United Brotherhood of Carpenters

OJT Training

The corporate sponsor will provide a minimum of 30 training experiences for the OJT component of the program, with the help of the mentor. Each experience is integrated in one or more of the SCT programs and the mentoring sessions. The mentor will coordinate and schedule the OJT learning experiences. All OJT records and Mentor reports will be kept by the mentor via the SCT website. The website address is given to each participant and their mentor when they attend their first class at the CITC.

Sample OJT Experiences include:

  • Prepare an agenda, and lead a project, safety, or scheduling meeting
  • Attend a public speaking seminar or course
  • Attend and observe (and participate in) an Owner-Architect-Contractor, OAC Meeting
  • Shadow the General Superintendent (Manager of Operations) for a day
  • Shadow a Project Manager for a day
  • Review and Understand the collective bargaining agreements of each trade that is supervised
  • Prepare and present for a project interview
  • Attend a diversity training course
  • Perform a complete accident investigation including any follow up meetings
  • Plan and lead a critical pick preplanning meeting
  • Prepare a crisis management plan for the project
  • Prepare a purchase order for material or equipment
  • Actively participate in assembling project close-out documentation
  • Observe and assist during bid-day
  • Prepare an estimate for a work package including: quantities, labor, material, and equipment
  • Review shop drawings and submittals for a complete work package with installer
  • Review and update a cost to complete/progress report
  • Review and approve a monthly pay request
  • Participate in layout as appropriate for your discipline/trade using any required horizontal and vertical control
  • Prepare a storm water protection plan
  • Coordinate and participate in a third party inspection or JHA (Jurisdiction having authority) inspection
  • Plan and manage the temporary power for a project
  • Plan and participate in project commissioning
  • Learn and utilize plan management software and use it for more than one month
  • Learn and utilize project management software for more than one month
  • Actively use a BIM model for reference during construction for more than one month
  • Plan and manage the prefabrication of an assembly (on or off-site)
  • Prepare and lead a pull planning scheduling session
  • Review and understand the LEED scorecard for the project
  • Prepare and manage a jobsite recycling program