Superintendent Career Training - United Brotherhood of Carpenters

Superintendent-in-Training Program #1

The first program includes an orientation of the program and its learning objectives, as well as a range of course material including project delivery methods and contracts, leadership, communication, and safety. The program also includes two joint sessions with participants and mentors, in which they select the on-the-job training and mentor sessions. Selections are based on the participant’s and company’s needs.

A comprehensive review of the roles, responsibilities, and attributes of the superintendent on the job site and within the construction firm is the central learning objectives of this initial session. Also covered are the combined roles and objectives of the superintendent and the project manager as the foundation for a successful project.

Discussions, exercises, and activities involving trainees and mentors are utilized to provide a clear understanding of the program.

Lesson Topics for Program One Include:

  • SCT Program Introduction
  • Communication
  • Project Delivery
  • Procurement and Contracts
  • Computing for the Superintendent
  • Leadership
  • Preparation for the Mentoring Process
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Measuring Performance and Productivity
  • Developing the Custom OJT and Mentoring Plan
  • Planning Strategies for a Superintendent