Superintendent Career Training - United Brotherhood of Carpenters

Class Conduct

The rules for class conduct are the same for the Superintendent trainees and mentors as it is for all others attending the Carpenters International Training Center (CITC) classes. The attire at the CITC is typically the same as for the jobsite. Long pants and leather work boots must be worn when attending classes at the CITC in order that everyone is properly attired when performing some hands-on tasks which take place at different times of the day throughout the programs. All safety rules which apply on the jobsite typically apply in the classroom.

  • No smoking allowed in the International Training Center buildings
  • No guests allowed in the dorm rooms
  • No illegal drugs or weapons
  • No glass containers in the recreational areas
  • No shorts or sandals inside the training center
  • No alcohol allowed in the training workshops
  • Shirts must be worn in the courtyard dining area

Sunbathing can be done in the pool area. Any property damages incurred will be the sole responsibility of the offender.