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The Carpenters International Training Fund's Superintendent Career Training (SCT) is an 18-month classroom and on-the-job instructional program that prepares SCT participants to be highly skilled construction industry professionals. Through the use of mentors, company sponsored learning opportunities, and expert instruction from industry experienced professors of well-known universities, graduates of the SCT are equipped to oversee and manage productive work sites that keep projects on time and within budget.

The concept of the SCT is based on integrating the demands and technical aspects of managing a construction job site with a superintendent's personal career objectives. To achieve that goal, each participating company is able to customize the training according to the needs of the sponsored employee.

Potential candidates for the SCT are motivated employees who are in a supervisory position, are forward thinking and good communicators, have good people skills, and show the ability to problem solve.

Getting Started

To participate, a sponsoring signatory contractor selects an employee to enter the program. This person must be a Journeyman member in good standing with the UBC. The trainee must have an OSHA 30 Construction or a Canadian equivalent safety class in TRAIN, the UBC website that tracks training. The signatory contractor also selects a mentor from the company, someone who can assist the trainee in learning the new position. Trainees attend four sessions at the Carpenters International Training Center (CITC) over an 18-month period, on Thursday through Saturday. Mentors attend a workshop during Programs 1 and 3, and then host the trainee for several mentoring sessions throughout the training period. The mentor class is from 12:45 pm - 4:30 pm Friday, and 8 am - 3:35 pm Saturday.

About the Training

UBC curriculum experts present the coursework based on current topics most in demand, and deliver lessons using theory, case studies, and hands-on learning, both in individualized and group setting. Training includes topics such as:

  • Technical aspects of construction
  • Management strategies and policy issues
  • Computer applications
  • Superintendent roles and responsibilities
  • Planning and productivity
  • Communication and leadership

Theory and classroom work is completed in four sessions at the Carpenters International Training Center. Structured, concentrated learning components at the Center are then matched with mentor sessions and on-the-job learning throughout the country.

About the Mentors

Mentors are responsible for two things: Assisting the trainee in the learning process and ensuring that what the trainee is taught reflects the needs of the sponsoring contractor. Mentors meet with their trainee 15 times over the course of the training to discuss training, instruct on a selected topic focused on the company's specific approach, or review strategies, policies and procedures. The mentor's primary goal is to make sure the trainee gets a meaningful experience out of the training.

About the Faculty

The SCT faculty is from collegiate construction education programs including Auburn University, Northern Arizona University, Washington State University, Purdue University, Boise State University, Cal State Sacramento, the University of Oklahoma, Arizona State University, Oklahoma State University, and others. Their extensive industry work experience and expertise spans positions as superintendents, managers, executives, and registered engineers. These experts will be able to work with students from a heightened level of understanding, because they gained their experience from actual job site supervision and coordination.

Running the Numbers

  • 18 month program
  • 15 (minimum) mentoring sessions between the trainee and the mentor
  • 12 days of training over 4 three-day programs at the Carpenters International Training Center
  • 30 (minimum) specific on-the-job training exercises are selected by the mentor
About SCT